Strongman Programs

StrongMan Programs:

Feats of Strength,

Worthy of being Televised,

and told in Legends and Lore.

A specialized form a training

Requiring specialized equipment.

And the Mindset of a Warrior

Become Strong Like no Other

With Morphfit Training Systems.


StrongMan Programs:


Strongman training is like powerlifting with odd objects


Lift but with anything and everything heavy


From Stones, to Kegs, Cars, to Sandbags.


Strongman training is the sport of functional farm strength


Guaranteed to build an inhuman grip and a low back of steel


Make sure you have the right equipment available to you


Your typical Gym will not be able to support this kind of training


You can adopt the MTS System to make your stronger


And bring you to the next level of Strongman competition.


Anyone who has grown up watching televised Strongman events knows of the incredible feats of strengths the human body is capable of performing at the highest levels of strength training. I am a huge fan of strongman training bithe for strength and conditioning and I have been using strongman lifts for years to help develop my strength and keep me as a well rounded athlete. I encourage anyone with access to a strongman gym in their neighbourhood to take up the sport as a supplement to their current training for variation or perhaps as a main focus in their efforts. Either way, I enjoy programming for Strongman training as it can be some of the more variable and hard pounding type of training you can do.

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