Olympic Lifting Programs

Olympic Lifting Programs:

Learn the methods,

That will develop your Power,

and develop your coordination.

Athleticism is at it’s peak,

When you are an Olympic Lifter

Nobody will outmatch your Power

And command you display,

Over Your body and Mind.


Olympic Lifting Programs:


Power is defined as Strength and Speed Combined


Both of which culminate into the sport of Olympic Lifting


Imagine yourself with the raw strength of a powerlifter


And the explosiveness of a seasoned athlete


Properly designed scientific programming can accomplish this


With hard work and commitment you can develop the edge


And let your competition know on game day


That all this time, you have been working longer, harder


And Smarter with your training from Morphfit


Olympic Lifting is said to be the pinnacle in weightlifting performance. Combining the best of powerlifting and bodybuilding efforts, and of course the Olympic Lifts, this sport is one of the oldest in history and still the most awe inspiring.To become proficient in the Olympic lifts takes years on dedicated effort and hours of training, however for most athletes, learning the entire lifts and mastering them would take away from their training specialization. This is why, here at Morphfit, I offer Olympic lifting programs for this who which to develop power and speed, but only focus on doing partial movements of the lifts with less or no emphasis on executing the entire movement perfectly. This allows the powerlifter, the bodybuilding, and the sport athlete to take part in this type of training without having to take on a new sport entirely. A well designed athletic program will usually incorporate these movements into the pre-competitive and competition phases of a training year, and it is an invaluable tool for anyone competing in performance sports of any kind.

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