The science of personal achievement.

I can help you achieve your

maximum potential,

Inside and outside the gym.

Learn to:

Re-structure thinking patterns,

See the world differently,

and Transform Yourself.


Features of NLP Therapy:


You meet with and discuss your history with me,


I will analyze the situation and develop a strategy,


We will sit down and through a series of mental exercises,


and powerful visual techniques, you will begin


To re-structure and re-program the way you think,


Perceive and feel about your life


Both past, present and future. You will start to have


a goal oriented and positive mindset, and the urge to


take immediate action, and transform yourself.


Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP as it is known by those interested in the science of personal development psychology. Put simply and briefly, NLP is the science of establishing new and useful perceptions and frameworks under which you the client can base your day to day experience and life. In other words, NLP is a way of re-programming someones thought processes to get rid of limiting beliefs and ways of thinking that are keeping that person from achieving their true goals and desires.

NLP is closely linked to and even used in conjunction with Hypnotherapy as a means to establish a more positive thought process in the subconscious and conscious mind of the client, thus allowing them to take more meaningful action in pursuit of their goals without the old doubts and insecurities of the past creeping in to halt effective action from taking place.

If you’d like to schedule a 1on1 NLP session in order to overcome a specific problem that is keeping you from getting in shape, click here.


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