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MTS Meal Cards:

This is a simple system of nutrition measurement and management that is the least complex and most easily adhered to, form of nutrition coaching that we offer.

MTS Meal Plans:

Not just your ordinary meal plan, these pl;ans are full customized to suit your taste, as well as being calculated to conform to a macro-nutrient profile that suits your specific body type. This strategy is commonly used however still restrictive.

MTS Macros:

This can be considered out most effective and flexible strategy, and it is my goal to bring you to this level of nutrition management.

At Morphfit Training Systems, we have more than a single tool for the job, and when it comes to your nutrition coaching, that may be an understatement.

Learning to measure and manage your nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. While the mainstream media would have you believe in the notion of Clean Foods Vs. Dirty Foods, those of us in the know are keenly aware that this is a false premise that has led to the failure of many a diet, despite the best of intentions by the dieter.

At Morphfit Training Systems Inc. we promote first as foremost, a flexible dieting  approach with our clients. And while flexible dieting (aka Macro Nutrient Counting)  may be a term seldom heard amongst the average gym goer, it can be defined as the science of long term and sustainable eating habits that allow for impressive changes in body composition as well as being  an approach that allows an all too often damaged metabolism to be healed.

It is also important to note that we do not consider Flexible Dieting to be the “end all be all” approach to rapid body composition change. We do offer other approaches that can be just as effective in achieving your fitness goals. Namely the approached pioneered by Paul Chek and his Metabolic Typing System, as well as Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition System, and let’s not forget the science of supplementation and hormonal balance touted by the legendary Charles Poliquin, formerly of the Poliquin Institute.

All these approaches hold their own merits, and their contributions are not to be overlooked when guiding someone through a successful transformative process.

Once a member of the MTS Nutrition Coaching System, you will receive online access to a private members website where direct and personal contact with their coach via e-mail, private message, and phone calls are possible. As well as having complete access to all the informative materials you will need to get your transformation underway, you will have access to vast library of members only videos and articles designed to educate, inspire, and guide you to achieving you fitness goals.

Due to the complex nature of this coaching system, places are limited and there is a waiting list. So do not hesitate to sign up immediately, and your coach will be in contact with you shortly after your selection process is complete.

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