The Enneagram:

Is the study of human personality,

and the limitations of the ego.

Discover your type, and that of others.

Begin to better understand your

deepest motivations, fears and beliefs

Then you can overcome them,

and Transform Yourself.


Features of Enneagram Therapy:


It starts with taking the test, and discovering your type,


Then you are asked to read about your profile,


As well as study the Enneagram in it’s entirety.


As you learn more, and develop greater levels of


Spiritual Awareness, you will begin to create more.


More choices, more control, more awareness.


You understanding of yourself will empower you,


to move forward in your life, with clarity of mind,


and the strength of the body, to transform yourself.


“Transform your Mind in order to Transform Your Body and you will Transform your Life” – Adam Farr

Generally speaking, the psychological component of the human being (see PEMS article) is generally over looked my most coaches despite the fact that your thoughts and beliefs form the foundation for long lasting and permanent lifestyle change, especially so in the realm of body transformations.

When it comes to addressing the mind of the athlete, I currently use different approaches in combination in order to re-program thinking patterns, create optimal belief systems and help inspire a long term goal and vision for the client.

Enneagram: The Enneagram is a typology system that classifies human beings into 9 distinct character types, and within those types dozens of possible variations and levels of health. The Enneagram is a useful tool for someone to get to know the only person worth really knowing, themselves. (see. The Enneagram Article) (See What Enneagram Type Am I)

Who: is it for?

Getting the edge psychologically is key to making sure your heart and mind are cohesive chasing the same goal. Everyone who plans to work with Morphfit should first get clear on what it is they truly want to acheive when transforming their bodies. (see Finding Your Dream Article)
Why: Why do I need to do this.

Why do you need to get clear on your goals, values and motivations you may ask. Simply because many people just like you, don’t really take the time to analyze the reasos WHY they do the things they do. What are your ket motivations? What is your true end goal that you want that goes beyond the superficial need to look good on the outside or to be recognized or noticed for a physical attribute.

I will tell you from my own personal experience that the thing that has kept me away from taking any steroids or any performance enhancing drugs has always been that I knew deep down, my deeps needs and motivations that were unique to me, on a spiritual level that goes beyond the ego self, and moves towards my goals that involves my own personal growth as a human being, and being able to share that with others.

“When you know who you are, then you know what to change” – Adam Farr


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