MTS Meal Cards

MTS Meal Cards:

     A Simple and Intuitive Way

To Measure and Manage,

 Your Food Quality &

Your Food Consumption

So that your coach,

 can gradually progress you

over time, heal your metabolism,

and maximize your performance

and results!


Features of the MTS Meal Cards:


Teaches you how to use your hands as a measurement tool, 


No Scales, Measuring Cups, or Spoons needed


Foods are based on your metabolic type,


As your body shape changes, so does your plan.


Food Type and Quantity Adjusted Weekly


Measure water intake, body weight and adherence,


As easy as filling out your mini-put card


Easy to carry with you cards that fit in your pocket


100% Customized for your needs over time.



The MTS Meal Card system is a unique solution to measuring and managing nutrition without the hassle of having to use a food scale and other food measuring tools. This system was developed as a simpler option for those who wanted to get control of their nutrition under the guidance of a knowledgeable coach, but who were quite ready to follow a meal plan or start counting macros.

The way the Meals Cards work is very similar to the score cards a golf course.

After a brief conversation with your coach, the cards are filled out based on what information you have provided in regards to your Metabolic Type, Meal Frequency, and Hydration habits.

From this point on your coach gives you a specific amount of food to eat based on portion control using your hands as measurement tools, and the specific amounts, food types and daily habits will be adjusted weekly as you send in screenshots of your cards to your coach via e-mail.

Once you are at ease with this system you will be encourage to advance to the next level of nutrition management, the MTS Meal Plans.

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