The Morphfit Story


The story of how Morphfit Training Systems came to be is more than a simple tale of a young fitness enthusiast hoping to start his own business and help the masses get in the best shape of their lives.
The story of how this dream became solidified in my heart, and became apart of who I am really begins after a near fatal car crash that may have potentially left me paralyzed from the neck down back in April 28th, 2013 at the age of 23.
But before we talk about that, lets rewind to the days when I first fell in love with weight training.
My name is Adam Farr, and since the age of 15 I have always had a keen interest in weight lifting. Initially, as a young scrawny 135lb teen, my initial motivation was to unlock the secrets of becoming big and strong just like the athletes you would see in the media publications at the time.
I was never one to want to “get big at all costs”, and so naturally the idea of taking steroids or any kind of performance enhancing drugs never appealed to me. I was committed to learning the secrets on my own, and my mentors were not the authors of Magazine articles, or column writers on popular fitness websites. My heroes were the sports scientists , nutritionists and coaches conducting the research as writing the textbooks on exercise physiology, program design, sports psychology and all things pertaining to the all encompassing goals of creating the your best self Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually. (See PEMS article) (See 4 Doctors Article).
As I began to train on my own, I naturally had a lot of questions that needed answering, and for that reason, over the last 10 years I have amassed over 700 Text Books, Scientific Journals, and Published articles from well known and respected coached from all over the world.
For years I have studied under the published guidance of great minds like Charles Poliquin, Paul Check, and John Berardi to name a few. Not to mention the countless old school publications from Golden Era Body Builders and all those lovely translated Eastern European Training Manual from the early 80’s and on wards. Suffice it to say, It can be easily argued that I have done my homework when it comes to the science of strength and conditioning. Combine this book knowledge with over 10 years, of experience in the gym, with a body and strength level only surpassed by the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years and voila! You have got yourself arguably one of the best online strength and conditioning coaches on the market. Oh and let’s not forget, the hundreds of clients I have transformed over the years along with the impressive photo evidence of body transformations you can find all over this website.
“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”
Isaac Newton
Fast forward to 2013, at this point I am about to turn 23 years old, and I have done more in my life at this point than many every do. I had earned 5 Years on Military Service as an Infantry Soldier, Worked as a Skydiver and Indoor WindTunnel Instructor, became a Outdoors Enthusiast and Survivalist, Traveled the country from Coast to Coast, went to the best Institutions in the Country for Coaches, and earned my degree as a teacher of Physical Education from the most prestigious school in the country, and I had recently incorporated Morphfit Training Systems and was ready to begin working for myself, following my passion to help other find a love for fitness and self improvement like I had.
On April 28th, 2013 at the age of 23, I was driving home from a Mail Depot where I had shipped an olympic weightlifting set and was going to instal into my new home gym, when I suddenly lost control of my vehicle and rolled into a ditch. All I can remember is my hands lifting up slowly in the air as my car flipped and landed hard into a ditch off the highway, crushing the drivers side against the grass and instantly knocking me unconscious as the bones in my neck, just below the skull fractured and cracked under the force of the impact.
I slipped in and out of consciousness as I was brought to the hospital and my neck was stabilized. I suffered a fractured neck, but the fracture was stable, luckily for me. I have internal bleeding in my skull, and a case of post concussion syndrome that left me emotionally volatile for up to 6 months after the crash. I was lucky to be alive.
The next year was to be spent away from doing the things I loved, and at times feeling sorry for myself for losing my mobility, my social life and my direction. But as the saying goes, “In hindsight you always see 20/20” and setting here now writing this down for you to read I realize that that car accident was a blessing in disguise.
It forced be to slow down from my life in the fast lane, and to restructure the way I lived, thought and interacted with others. I spent the next 6 months getting clear on what i wanted and building an online personal training and consulting business…Morphfit. I figured, If I can’t train others right now, and I can’t train myself like I used to, then I will find a means to help others benefit from my over a decade of experience. 

I set out with a few goals,
I wanted to get others in the best shape of their lives.
I wanted to be able to guide them no matter where they lived and language they spoke.
I wanted my service to be affordable even for students.

And with these things in mind I began to build the brand you see before you today…Morphfit.
I spent over a year ignoring the advice of my doctor and beginning to rehab myself slowly so that I could train again, and within that year I was able to squat over 405lbs again and I was only getting stronger.
I owe my recovery to spending over a year traveling all over Canada and the USA taking courses in everything from nutrition and rehabilitation and life coaching in order to change my life around and transform myself fully into a new man, inside and out.
I am now proud to say that I have succeeded in guiding myself through my own ritual process into a new manhood.
Now I am ready to guide and inspire others who hope to transform themselves as well, no matter their current situation, I want to he,p the motivated few who are ready tot take the necessary steps to overcome and conquer their old selves and to become who they were meant to be.

Start your transformation now