1234 Approach

The 1234+ Approach:

This is a goal setting,

and a goal achievement system.

Designed to help you get clear,

on what your goals are,

and to move you towards achieving them,

By empowering you with understanding,

choice, and my support.


Features of 1234+ Life Coaching:


The first step is to find your ultimate Dream, Your Goal,


However not the superficial ones,the ones that


Bring meaning to your life, the journey you must accomplish.


Then you are taught about the duality of life,


And the choices you must make with awareness in order


To achieve what you have set out to do,


Through the proper application of basic principles of health,


You can and surely will move ever closer to your goal,


with the 1234 Approach developed by Paul Chek.


Using the 1-2-3-4 approach Developed by Paul Check (see Who is Paul Chek), the client is brought through a step by step program that allows them to clearly decide on their values and their ultimate goals and dream for their lives. Allows them to understand the principle forces that exist in their lives and must be balanced in order to create the stable platform needed from which they can build their physical transformation. This system empowers you to recognize key decision making opportunities in your day to day live and helps you choose the optimal choice every time. Finally the program is simplistic in showing you how everything fits together using the idea of the 4 Doctors. (see 4 Doctors Article


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