Summer Bootcamp:

Once a summer,

I select the most deserving,

& hardworking members

of MTS & I Bring Them

The Summer Bodies,

They have been dreaming of,

Train with me outdoors,

In parks, by lakes and rivers,

and up mountains.


Summer Bootcamp:


I am an outdoorsman at heart and I always will be,


I want to take your fitness to new heights, in the outdoors.


Take the knowledge and practice forged in the gym,


And Bring it into nature! Have you ever wondered,


What have you been training for? Well this is it!


Experience life at its fullest with me this summer


Embark on a fitness adventure that takes you into nature


And feasible. Gain control on your outcomes, and achieve


With Command of Your Body, You can Transform Your Life.


As much as I love training in the gym environment, and the idea of looking good, feeling good and being strong and healthy. Those are not the only reasons I fell in love with fitness. The truth is, most of life is to be lived out there, in nature; climbing uo the hills and mountains, crossing the rivers and streams, canoeing, camping, and rock climbing. Everyone who dreams of having that incredible body also dreams of putting it to use in incredible ways. Well this is your opportunity to do so. Be my close friend for an entire summer of healthy fun in the sun and realize the potential your life has to be lived every day. If you think this is right for you send an email to and explain why you think you would be a good candidate.

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