MTS Meal Plans


     Keeping your Transformation

On track and moving forward,

With 7 Day Meals Plans,

That are Calculated to control,

total caloric intake,

and balance, protein, carbs and fats,

for your specific goals,

and experience level.


Features of the MTS Meal Plans:


You are provided with a detailed meal plan, 


Every meal plan is at least 7 different days,


With 3 – 6 meals per day, all the meals varied,


You have the ability to pick and choose your preferred foods,


Your meal plan can be changed and edited as you wish,


All meals are calculated with Macro-Nutrient Profiles,


Comes with an exact grocery list for 7 days worth of food,


Meals plans change over time as your body changes,


100% Customized to suit your goals.


The MTS Meal Plans are exactly that, meal plans. However unlike your typical experience with trainer at the gym, where a single page meal plan is given to you and your expected to eat the same boring foods day in and day out, these meal plans are much more exciting.

Firstly, a single meal plan with have at least 7 days worth of foods and anywhere from 3-6 meals a day depending on what you ask for as the client.

Also, you can expect to be eating more than boring out chicken, rice and vegetables in repetition with an MTS Meal plan. Instead expect a variety of food choices that are mainly healthy clean foods, but never without a sweet or fatty desert in controlled amounts to keep your emotional and mental well being at it’s best for the long term success of your mission.

All meal plans come with a convenient legend in the back which helps you with portion control and also a perfect calculated grocery list so that when you go shopping, you have everything you need to purchase easily spelled out for you.

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