MTS Macros

MTS Macros:

     The most flexible & efficient,

Nutrition strategy in existence.

Eat what you want, when

you want, as long as it fits

your macros, and is improving

your overall health

While moving you closer to your

ultimate body transformation


Features of the MTS Macros:


You are provided a macro-nutrient profile, 


That tells you exactly how many grams of food,


To consume in protein, carbohydrates, and fat,


Every day. No need for Nutrient Timing,


No need for 6 Meals a day, and repetitive Meal Plans,


You can choose what to eat and when, and under


the guidance of your coach, you will move forward.


Macros change weekly, and are adjusted for your success.


100% Customized to help you reach your goals.


The MTS Macros nutrition strategy is based on the science of Flexible Dieting through macro-nutrient calculating. The science behind this strategy is beyond the scope of this article, and any detailed information on the subject would amount into a small book. However here at MTS we believe that this is the best and more liberating nutrition practice anyone can learn.

In brief, Macro-Nutrient counting involves downloading a nifty nutrition app like (MyFitnessPal or CalorieCounterPro), and plugging in a series of numbers that I will diligently calculate for you. The numbers include a set amount of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat grams to consume daily and depending on what level of energy expenditure you will have for that day. The numbers change on a weekly basis if not more often which is why it is of the utmost importance to keep in touch with your coach weekly during this process.

The prize is the fastest and most consistent results in body composition change you will ever see in your life, with the average muscle building client putting on 0.5 – 1lb of muscle per week while losing fat, and the average fat loss client losing 2-3lbs a week of body fat depending on body fat percentage.

If you would like to have custom made Macro-Nutrients calculated and progressed over time for you, then join My 12 Week Body Transformation program today by clicking the button below.


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