Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy:

Work with the most skilled,

and experienced,

Athletic Massage Therapist,

in the country.

Having massaged professional

Athletes from many sports

and bringing a new level,

of performance to their game.


Massage Therapy:

Sports Massage to help relieve muscle trauma and tensions


Flush Massage to improve blood circulation before an event.


Relaxation Swedish Massage to calm anxieties and relax you


Therapeutic Swedish Massage  for knots and sore muscles


Pregnancy Massage helps to relieve tension and stiffness


Due to pregnancy and daily stressors


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage using the hands and forearms


No matter what you ailment, there is a massage style for you


Take care of your recovery as much as your workout


Massage therapy has many practical applications in the recovery of your body after weeks of intense physical exertion and stress. There is much scientific evidence showing how regular massage and therapeutic touch improves hormonal profiles of anabolic growth hormones in the body as well as reducing stress hormones commonly associated with fatigue and injury. The use of the flush massage after Fascial Stretch Therapy has the particular effect of breaking up old scar tissue in the body and allowing fluids and blood to expand into the muscles to a greater degree, which is quite useful for those doing various physique competitions.

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Sports Massage
60 min – 90 min
This type of massage helps alleviate tensions and muscle trauma caused by sport related activities. It also helps prepare the body before, function better during and recover faster after the sport is completed. It is a deep tissue massage that caters to all clients (not only sports athletes) because it helps relieve chronic pain, injuries, improves range of movement and muscle suppleness.
Flush Massage
30 min
This type of massage is performed within a 24 hour time frame before a sporting event, competition, or gym training. It could be done on site or in clinic. It helps to improve performance, prevent injuries and increase blood circulation.
Relaxation Swedish Massage
60 min – 90 min
This type of massage helps relieve the muscular-skeletal tensions caused by stress in our everyday lives. It improves sleep and makes muscles suppler. It is a light yet firm massage that is soothing and calming and will provide a complete sense of well being.
Therapeutic Swedish Massage
60 min – 90 min
This type of massage focuses on knots and sore muscles. It is a combination of deep tissue and relaxation massage to help rid the body of muscle pain and improve range of movement.
Pregnancy Massage
60 min – 90 min
*starting from the 12th week of pregnancy*
This type of massage helps alleviate tension & stiffness due to pregnancy. It helps create a sense of overall well-being and feeling of relaxation. It is done with the help of special cushion to help with the pregnant woman’s comfort during the massage.
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
60 min – 90 min
This type of massage is inspired by Hawaiian traditions and makes use of hands, forearms and elbows to relieve any tensions and knots in the body. It can be done lightly or deep tissue depending on the client’s needs.
Cellulite Treatment
60 min – 90 min
This treatment combines various deep tissue techniques with different creams and tools to help reduce and prevent cellulite build-up in the body. This type of service can be combined with any other massage. (minimum of 10treatmeants)
Chair Massage
Per minute
This type of massage is done on a chair and can be either for relaxation or therapeutic. It can be practiced in the workplace, at various events (indoor or outdoor), or for pregnant woman.
60 min – 90 min
There are numerous reflex points that are connected to various parts of our body that are situated on the hands and feet and by massaging them, it helps relieve tensions, activates blood circulation, helps regulate vital functions and in turn prevents illness and maintains good health. This type of service can also be combined with any other massage.
70,00$ / 60 min
95,00$ / 90 min
50.00$ / 30 min Flush Massage
Insurance receipts available
Price subject to change

About Us ( you can just change it to …about me)
With many years of experience in the industry, I Massage Therapeutic, has helped many clients with the smallest of ailments such as stress and fatigue to larger ailments such as injuries caused by sports related accidents or car accidents. We strive to be as complete and thorough in every treatment to help our clients’ recover quickly.

Our company is a member of the Association of Massage Therapists of Quebec.
We are constantly renewing and getting new certifications to remain at the cutting edge of treatment practices.

These are the numerous certifications that have been completed through out the years.

Massage Practitioner In Swedish Massage Diploma (Académie de Massage Scientifique- December 2007)
Chair Massage (Académie de Massage Scientifique- June 2008)
Reflexology (Académie de Massage Scientifique- June 2008)
4 Hand Massage (Académie de Massage Scientifique- June 2008)
Hot Stone Massage (Académie de Massage Scientifique- June 2008)
Lymphatic Draining (Académie de Massage Scientifique- June 2008)
Body Exfoliation (Académie de Massage Scientifique- June 2008)
Body Care treatments (Académie de Massage Scientifique- June 2008)
Thalassotherapy & Balneotherapy (Académie de Massage Scientifique- June 2008)
Pregnancy Massage (Académie de Massage Scientifique- June 2008)
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (Allezhousses – June 2013)
Flush Massage (Académie de Massage Scientifique – March 2014)
Personal Trainer Certification (YMCA – February 2012)
Human Sciences Diploma (Vanier College – Automn 2006)

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