Semi – Private Coaching

Semi – Private Coaching:

Training in a Team,

Of Like Minded Individuals,

Stay committed,

Find Motivation Everyday,

Your Team is Here,

We will Support You.

We will reach our Goals Together,

and Transform for the Better.


Semi – Private Coaching:


When you train with a team,it become social.


You no longer feel like you are missing out on life.


Your friends are in the gym, training with you.


We learn together as a team, sharing our Victories.


And helping each other overcome struggle.


Nobody will be left behind, we will hold you accountable


You will succeed, and we will triumph together.


Forming new allies and friendships, training hard,


Eating well and being fit will be your new comfort zone.


Training with a team can be the difference some people need to reach their true potential. I know that for myself personally, I perform way better in the presence of a responsible training partner, who is able to look after me and  correct any doubts that may emerge during the training session. We are social creatures, and human beings function best in groups. This semi-private training group is a small and supportive team of like minded people at similar training levels and experience. Workouts can be very fun and exciting and full of laughter while at the same time getting the job done every day, and moving closer to the big picture goal. If you find yourself particular bored in the typical gym setting, this may be for you. If you’d like to learn more simple e-mail us at

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