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Power Lifting Programs:

Develop maximal strength and size when you incorporate a well designed Morphfit power lifting program into your training.


Olympic Lifting Programs:

Develop the speed and power to move weight explosively while maintaining muscle mass and improving athleticism.


Body Building Programs:

Develop impressive size and shape while simultaneously improving your work capacity and ability to endure.


Strongman Programs:

Prepare yourself for some of the most grueling strength events in existence, improving your ability to exert strength and dominate.


Athletic & Sports Programs:

Crush the competitions in all aspects of the game. Move faster, while being bigger, and more coordinated as you endure…to win.


All the training programs offered at Morphfit are either designed by myself Adam Farr, being that I am a program design specialist for all sports and athletes at all levels of competency. Programs may also be designed by well known athletes who work directly with Morphfit to provide you with first hand training knowledge and experience they have received by being the most competitive in their respective sport. If you wish to recieve mentorship by one of our athletes and coaches for more sport specific training, simple let us know via e-mail at

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