Morphfit Training Systems and it’s owner Adamo Farinaccio is fully committed to protecting your right to privacy and high values professionalism and integrity when it comes to taking care of the well being of his clients and protecting their information. Information we collect does is used for marketing research in order to learn more about the demographic we are attracted as well as general suggestions and information and even your progress photos.
I will not use your information to sell to spammers, or any third party agency wishing to use your  information for nefarious purposes. I will not sell your contact information, financial information, and I will not publish your story or show your face in any photos without your expressed permission.
When you make a purchase through our website or fill out any contact form, you will automatically be put on a list to receive future emails from Morphfit training Systems. These e-mail will contain special offers, promotions, stories, blog posts, you name it, and will be sent directly into your inbox. You will have the option to opt out of receiving these messages at any time.
At Morphfit training Systems, when you register with us, a small information file will be saved (a “cookie”) which will remember your login credentials every time you visit the Morphfit Training Systems member page. You can toggle this feature off by going into your browsers settings and toggling the cookies settings so this information isnt stored onto your browser.
This website uses Google AdWords service to display our advertising on third party websites, including google.com, to previous visitors of our website. This means that we may advertise to historical visitors of our website www.morphfit.com. Any data collected will be used according to the standards of our privacy policy and you can adjust your preferences using the Google Ad Preferences page,and opt out of interest based advertising entirely.
It is possible that my website may contain links to other websites, advertisers and third parties. When you follow a link to one of these websites you must read their privacy policy seperately as it may not be the same as ours. We accept no liability or responsibility for these policies and we urge you to check these policies before you input any personal information to these websites.
If for whatever reason you have lost or misplaced your login credentials to the members website, simply e-mail us at ino@morphfit.com and we will gladly send you a password reset as quickly as possible.
I enjoy hearing from my clients, and getting feedback and constructive criticism about how I can improve the website and service you better. Please don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail to info@morphfit.com. I appreciate and value your business and I want to serve you better to keep you happy and remain your coach and mentor for as long as you need me to reach your ultimate goal.

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