The Secret To Success,

In The Training Game,

Is Consistency & Longevity;

Both Of Which Depend Upon

Being Pain & Injury Free,

 During The Process of,

Getting You Stronger,

Getting You Leaner,

And Transforming Yourself!


Features of Posturology:


Uses a variety of different tools and methodologies, 


From Balancing Length & Tension Relationships in Muscles


To achieving optimal spinal curves, and joint mobility


Heal & Prevent Old Injuries from reoccurring


Re-educate the body to move safely and efficiently,


Look and feel younger and have more energy


Become stronger and more balanced than ever before,


Learn to train your body with maximum efficiency,


For a complete body transformation in record time.


Structural Balance can be best explained in a metaphor. Imagine the spokes on the wheel of a bicycle, each one placed along the inner rim of the bicycle wheel at consistent intervals in order to absorb any impact the wheel may encounter on the road, and transfer that kinetic energy into the frame of the bicycle and into the shocks and legs of the cyclist.
Now imagine that same bike, however the spoke weren’t place at evenly spaced intervals along the rim of the tire, instead the arrangement was more haphazard. What then would happen when the bicycle tire would recieve an impact in one of the weaker areas of the tire? Would the forces be absorbed and dissipated correctly into the frame  of the bike? Or would the tire be more likely to burst and the wheel frame more likely to bend put of shape. If you said the latter choice you would be correct!

Your body is much the same as this bicycle. Your body must be optimally aligned and structured in such a way that allows external forces to pass through it fluidly as safely without any one particular part of your body absorbing all the force. This is the premise of Structural Balance.

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