Posing Guides

Posing Guides:

Create the ultimate illusion,

Display your hard work,

your earned physique

In the most flattering ways.

Learn to pose in the comfort

and privacy of your own home

With My Online Posing Guides,

Videos and Skype Consults


Posing Guides:


Once you develop that great body you’ve worked hard for


It may be time for you to show it off in competition


Or perhaps you would like to do a photo shoot for nostalgia


Or maybe just to be able to look your best at the beach


Whatever the case, you will have to learn how to pose & present


Your muscles so that they appear in the most flattering way


To onlookers, the judges or those visiting your social media


With out integrated e-book posing guides with videos


Combines with live Skype coaching, you can be on your way.


The art of classical posing is important to learn for more reasons that simply to look impressionable on stage and in photos. It is a great way to develop body awareness and muscular control to a greater degree while the muscles are in fatigues state ans well as simply shooting up your self confidence by seeing yourself everyday in the mirror in good lighting and angles. When you learn to pose, you are leaning to present yourself as a person in social situations and business, but keeping an aura of pride and confidence about you and being comfortable in your own skin while commanding the attention of a room and audience.

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