My Philosophy

It has long been my believe that the pursuit of health and fitness is best achieved if the motivation is internal and the means by whcih you achieve your goals are through hard work, dedication, and in the spirit of learning more about yourself and what your body is capable of.

When creating Morphfit, at the outset I believed that it was important to be vocal about my positions on certain key subjects in sports and fitness. Namely the use of anabolic steriods, and performance enhancing drugs and other pharmaceuticals ingested by athletes to provide them with a competitive advantage.

Firstly let me say this. There is no competition out there except for the story you create in your mind, that for some reason or other, you feel the need to look better than “this guy” or “that girl”, or for whatever reason you must feel like the biggest person in the room, or the strongest, or the fastest or the most attractive.

Whatever the ego driven reason may be, I compel you to reconsider a healthier approach. You can never be number one if you are trying to mimic or imitate someone else’s success or lifestyle, you will always be at least 2nd place, because nobody can ever re-create the original. To do so would be to admit that you would rather discard your own identity, or that you believe you have no identity at all.

“To live a life in search of something outside of yourself will only result in disappointment and self destruction in the slowest and subtlest ways.

We are each our own person, unique in every way; with our own talents and strengths capable through the body and mind .

You will offer your inner fire no chance to grow if you expect to use the breath of another to fan the flames.

They are breathing for themselves, their lungs are their own and they cannot breath for you.

And so the breath that nurtures your infantile fire must also be your own. It is your burden as much as it is mine.

You must take that small spark in your heart and nurture it in your own hands, at your own deliberate pace and in your own unique way, with awareness.

All embers are born the same, but not all embers grow into large flames. This flame is your own, it is your PASSION, and you must be willing to burn the skin off your hands to see it’s potential!

One day, you will feel the heat on your face the day that this flame which you have nurtured for so many years becomes a roaring fire.

One day it will allow you to sit back, and gaze in awe at it’s self sustaining potency, letting you thrive off the warmth it brings to your life,

and from it,

Create more embers… and more fire in the hearts of others.”

– Adam Farr

When you sign up with me, my purpose is not to help you satisfy some superficial desire to look better than the next person, or be the strongest or most popular in your circle. MY purpose is to help you grown and develop as a person, a human being whom through learning to master and conquer the quests the body offers us, will also learn the greatest lessons of life through the attainment of these goals.

To be strong physically implies a strength of will and heart that can only be achieved through strides in the development of good character and understanding.

This is why there is such great appeal to Natural Power-Bodybuilding for me. Your body on the outside must reflect changes on the inside when you are natural, and it is a measure of progress in your life and in your spirit when you can overcome those things which made you, at one time, less than who you were meant to be.

My goals is to mentor you, and help you to Transform Your Body, Transform Your Mind, and Transform Your Life, and spread the fires of passion and vitality to others through your success.

With Gratitude,

Adam Farr


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