MTS Special Techniques

MTS Special Techniques:

     The Attainment of Strength,

is complex and subtle.

There are ways to trick  

your nervous system

Into getting stronger

Into getting Leaner

& Into Building Mass

Faster Than You ever

Thought Possible. Naturally


MTS Special Techniques:


I use special techniques and methods to get you stronger


Many of these techniques are little known physiological principles


And some I have developed over years of trial and error


I can trick your nervous system, into displaying it true strength


The “Fight” in the fight or flight response


Like teaching your body to turn off the brakes so you can go all out


Reaching the limits of your potential faster than every


With the science and practice of the Morphfit Training System.


The special techniques I use are founded from physiological principles I have learned of and applied effectively over the years. Notably the effect of Post – Tetanic Potentiation during strength training. Among this strategy and other ones that I take advantage of, formulate an array of tools that manipulate the bodies natural mechanisms in your favoir to create astounding strength in short periods of time, safely and effectively. The techniques I include but are not limited to those described in the articles below. My methods are constantly evolving, and I am committed as a coach and teacher to bring you the best coaching made possible my the use of the scientific method and my own hard work and dedication to you, my client at friend.

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