MTS Power-Bodybuilding


     Powerlifting & Bodybuilding

for the natural athlete

are one and the same.

In the sense that in order

to maximize size,

You must maximize strength

and vice versa.

Do not limit your training 

to a narrow rep range.



There are seven movement patterns that make up


All movements and all exercises the human body is capable of.


They are; Pushing, Pulling, Squats, and  Lunges…


Deadlifts/Bends, Twisting Patterns, and Running.


When you train the movement first, you train the system


The body is integrated, and needs to be trained as such in priority


First Integrate, and then Isolate and this is how we train


At Morphfit Training Systems Inc.


Power-Bodybuilding seems to be a relatively new term for a hybrid form of training which is in fact the way the Golden Era Bodybuilders trained in the late 60’s. Many Golden Era bodybuilders used heavy movements such as squats and deadlifts and bench press as staples in their training regime, and looked to those lifts as indicators of overall performance. Now a days, there seems to be a greater emphasis on how you take your clinical steroids than there is to varying and changing methodology n the gym to induce further adaptation by the body. None the less the simple truth is that all historically drug free bodybuilders from the day of Eugene Sandow were known for their strength as well as their impressive physiques. Power-Bodybuilding isn’t new school, in fact it is an adherence to the old school, the classical ways of training, while at the same time bringing in 21st Century Science and testimonials to back it up.

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