MTS Journey Cards

MTS Journey Cards:

What if you had a map,

a system that helps you,

Understand and Solve Your

Mental, Emotional

& Spiritual challenges in life.

These cards are a map

to help you,

complete your journey.



MTS Journey Cards:


Inspired by centuries old classical traditions,


Ancient knowledge from India, and other Asian traditions.


Delve deep into a deeper understanding of your inclinations,


Your ego fixations, and your ultimate lessons in life.


Overcome the automatism that has led you to


Your current Life Outcomes and Situations.


Become more aware of why you sabotage yourself,


And develop the confidence to grow and evolve from there,


with the help and spiritual guidance from the MTS Journey Cards.


The MTS Journey cards are a amalgamation of many ancient traditions and books of knowledge that I have had the pleasure and opportunity to study and understand over the years. While no system here is perfect, I do believe I have created a valuable tool for personal growth, guidance and development with these cards. There is much study and learning to undergo before the cards can be used in a way that is guiding you to make better decisions in life and take action towards moving towards your dreams. The Journey Card system is constantly evolving and requires that you carefully listen to any videos I have posted on the subjects contained in order to quickly learn the principles and underlying assumptions that make up the system. None of this is scientific, it is merely useful in the sense that those who adhere to this form of guidance will see positive changes occur in their lives faster than they would have without such direction and perspective. I encourage you to explore this part of my paradigm shifting system and watch how your life can radically change in a single year of increased awareness and effort.

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