MTS Holistic Psychology System – Transform Your Mind

Results in the realm of fitness and strength cannot be built on a shaky and unstable foundation. In order to achieve your goals, we must ensure that you are building your fitness future on top of a strong and wide foundation.

This often overlooked principle is the main reason that most diets and exercise programs fail in the long term. Your Psychology, or rather your outlook, frame of mind and underlying belief systems are perhaps the most indicative of long term success when predicting who will come out a winner in the fitness game. Not only must your mind be prepared for the permanent lifestyle change, but your body must be prepared and tuned along the way to avoid injury, pain and lagging progress.

How can this be done you might be asking yourself?

Well, when it comes to giving your body a physical tune up, making sure the length and tension relationships of your muscles are in balance, then Fascial Stretch Therapy is the   simple solution to many of the mobility and pain issues that plague many athletes.

When it comes to getting your mind in the right places well before you begin the journey.  Clear and concise goals setting is of the utmost importance, and that involves understanding your deepest motivations and aligning them with your own value system to ensure than you are aligned with your ultimate purpose in life. Once your goals are clearly defined, the use of NLP (see What is NLP? article) and Sports Hypnosis will allow you to transition into your new mindset and thus lifestyle with much less resistance than without such modalities.

This level of coaching is only for premier clients, and requires a level of commitment and motivation above the norm. Reserve your spot today on the waiting list in order to be considered for this life changing strategy.

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