Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing:

We are all unique,

We are inherently different,

On a purely biological,

and genetic level.

Metabolic Typing is a way,

To test for these differences,

And provide you with customized,

foods for your body.


Metabolic Typing:


Metabolic Typing is a little known, yet very effective,


Means of creating rapid changes in the way you look and feel, 


Using only a customized approach to eating, that goes beyond.


Your typical food plan, or nutritional advice.


It is a highly specialized and adaptive way,


To reconnect your body, to the foods it truly desires.


Do away with the boring and bland styles of “healthy eating”


And incorporate the hardcore science of nutrition into your life


This is the most effective way to Transform Yourself Forever.


Metabolic Typing is a little known science that has had little mainstream attention and media spotlight. Perhaps it is because it is an actual science that is complex and not easily understood by the layman in the general public. That is ok, It is my goal to inform you on the potential of this wonderful science. The principle is easily explained however. Imagine an Eskimo living 200 years above the arctic circle, living on a very high fat and high protein diet. This person’s genetic lineage has adapted their body to function optimally on animal fats and protein and usually raw. If you were to bring this Eskimo down towards the equator and have them eat the diet of fruits nuts and seeds like a local of Bermuda…the likelihood of a positive response from the body would be slim. In fact these foods would more than likely disrupt the balance in the body of that Eskimo. And the same can be said if you brought an equatorial tribesman from Papua New Guinea and had him eat an Eskimo diet. Now a days we are rarely pure breed Eskimos or tribesman, we are all a mix, and some of us have maintain for genetic coding towards once type than the other. It is the purpose of metabolic Typing to discover your type and have you eat according to your genetic lineage, rather than the classic “clean foods vs dirty foods”.

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