Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is valid for those clients who are paying for Morphfit on a Monthly Basis via the Membership Payment Option which is automatically charging your account through Paypal. Through this Option you are charged 40$ USD every month from the date of you subscription. The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that Morphfit offers is that upon submitting a request  to cancel and receive a refund , you will be refunded  in full for that month. However you cannot receive a full refund for you first payment of 40$USD as this constitutes the cost of the program that was sent to your members account and is now in your possession. You will not be refunded for a Morphfit LogBook either if you have purchased this separately.

If you have paid for the 12 Week Body Transformation Program in a single payment. You will only receive a refund for a maximum of 80$ USD if you cancel within the first 30days. And you may receive a full refund of 100% of the purchase price if you cancel within the first 7 days, by notification through email at info@morphfit.com

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee only implies a 100% Refund within the first 7 Days of your purchase. After 7 days you can be refunded only partially for a sum of 80.00$USD Total, in order to cover the cost of your Morphfit LogBook as well as Shipping and Handling Costs Incurred by Adamo Farinaccio of Morphfit Training Systems Inc. As well as covering time spent building your program and book. When asking for a refund, it must be done by e-mail to info@morphfit.com to ensure you will be serviced correctly.

Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release of Liability, and Miscellaneous Provisions

In consideration of the permission to use the facilities, equipment, services, premises, and products provided at Morphfit Training Systems Inc. (hereafter Morphfit Training Systems Inc.) today, and at any time in the future, I understand and agree to all of the following:

Assumption of Risk: I understand that any physical activity carries with it an inherent risk of injury. Strength training can involve strenuous exertions of various muscles placing stress on the muscles, bones, and joints. Cardiovascular training can involve sustained physical activity placing stress on the heart, arteries, and blood pressure. Risk of injury may be minor such as soreness, sprains, strains, and bruises, or serious such as heart attack, stroke, paralysis, and death. I understand these risks and agree to assume all risk of injury or illness associated with exercise whatever the cause.

Waiver and Release of Liability: I voluntarily and knowingly agree on behalf of myself, my spouse, my heirs, personal representative, assigns, and anyone else claiming by or through me to release, waive, and discharge Morphfit Training Systems Inc., its directors, officers, owners, employees, volunteers, independent contractors, agents, assigns, successors, vendors, suppliers, equipment manufacturers, lessors, consultants, other clients, and all others associated with them (collectively “all others”) from all liability from any and all claims, demands, or suits arising from the acts, failure to act, or conduct of any of them arising from their negligence (whether ordinary or gross), breach of duty, or any other theory of legal liability for (1) any physical or emotional injury or illness suffered by me (including death) arising from my attending Morphfit Training Systems Inc. or using its equipment, facilities, services, products, and/or premises; and (2) any damage to, loss of, or theft of my property.

Indemnification and Hold Harmless: I agree on behalf of myself, my spouse, my heirs, personal representative, assigns, and anyone else claiming by or through me to indemnify and hold harmless Morphfit Training Systems Inc., and all others by paying all costs and attorneys fees they incur in investigating and defending a claim or suit if such claim or suit is withdrawn, or if a court determines for whatever reason (including the enforceability of this agreement, that Morphfit Training Systems Inc., and or others are not liable for the injury or loss.

Denied Payment Charges: If my payment is denied for any reason, I agree to pay a $25.00 service charge plus the amount of the denied payment within 5 days. I agree to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs.

Interpretation: This Agreement is intended to be interpreted as broad and as inclusive as permitted by the laws of Quebec to relieve Morphfit Training Systems Inc., and all others associated in any way with Morphfit Training Systems Inc., from all liability for any and all claims for damages due to injury or property loss based on any legal theory. This Agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of Quebec.

Severability and Venue: If any portion of this Agreement is held invalid, the balance of the Agreement shall continue in full legal force. Any legal action shall be brought in Montreal, Quebec.

Consent to physical contact: It is sometimes necessary for a trainer to physically touch a client to attain the proper form for an exercise. I hereby consent to such appropriate physical contact.

Entire Agreement: Pages 1 to 3 constitute the entire Agreement. I have not relied on any oral representations by anyone in addition to, or inconsistent with, the written terms of this Agreement.



There are no refunds on purchases of personal training sessions, contracts, and packages offered at Morphfit Training Systems Inc. Personal training sessions are free of charge and not guaranteed. No refunds are made once a charge has been processed. You may cancel your contract before it automatically renews to avoid ongoing charges and service from Morphfit.


I, agree to allow photos, or videos of myself produced by Morphfit Training Systems Inc., to be used for marketing, advertising, and instructional/demonstration purposes. By initialing below, I am giving Morphfit Training Systems Inc. permission to publicize photos and videos of myself at anytime unless otherwise specified by the signee in an email to info@morphfit.com within 7days of the signing of this agreement.


You represent that you are in good physical condition and have no medical reason or impairment that might prevent you from undertaking physical activity. You acknowledge that Morphfit Training Systems Inc. did not give you medical advice, and cannot give you any, relating to your physical condition and whether participation in physical activity is safe for you. You acknowledge that Morphfit Training Systems Inc. has advised that you seek a physician’s approval before participating in physical activity prescribed by Morphfit Training Systems Inc.


  1. Morphfit Training Systems Inc. is a fitness strategies and tools provider, and does not officially render an in person service. As such Morphfit does not guarantee any kind of in person, personal training and coaching with it’s clients. Instead we sell scientifically designed fitness and nutrition programs. All in person interaction with your coach is provided free of charge during the personal hours that your coach makes himself available.
  2. Morphfit Training Systems Inc. guarantees that you will be provided with 1 years  worth of its exercise programs delivered to your members account within 30 days of your contract signing with Morphfit. You understand that 1 years worth of exercise programs constitutes 4 separate programs, each designed to be used for 2-3 months.
  3. Morphfit Training Systems Inc. provides free macro-nutrient calculating services by request only for it’s clients for as long as they remain a member. Morphfit will provide you with a new exercise program every 4-12 weeks by request only, and if deemed necessary by your coach.
  4. Morphfit Training Systems Inc. creates exercise programs that are based on sound scientific principles. Programs are then assigned to clients and are individualized from the template version when the client is observed in training by their coach.
  5. Morphfit does not create a new exercise program from scratch for every new member. You understand that Morphfit can only build template programs, and then individualize and customize them for the client based on observations made by the coach in the training environment.
  6. The process of individualization of a program occurs over time through in person observation and analysis by your coach, whereby which adjustments or edits to your program will be made based on your individual needs; as judged by your coach.
  7. You understand that in hiring Morphfit Training Systems Inc. you entrust us with the responsibility of providing you with well designed programs based on advanced knowledge and experience in comparison to your own, as the client. As such, your coach will only make what he/she deems as necessary edits and adjustments to your program during the process of individualization.
  8. Individualization of your program is not a guaranteed service, as this is offered free of charge by your coach during their own personal time and by default requires you to be able to demonstrate your ability or inability to follow parts of your exercise program, and in doing so, justify a need for individualization for a demonstrated problem.
  9. Exercises in your program are regressed in complexity if: when performing the movement, your coach is unable to have you move in a bio-mechanically safe and efficient manner, and your coach judges that a simpler movement pattern is more appropriate for the client in question.
  10. Your coach reserves the right to take 60 days of vacation time in total per year at any time of the year, for whatever reason. During this time, you will not be able to see your coach in person, and any free service previously available, will become unavailable during that time.
  11. You understand that your coach cannot and will not be physically present for all/any of its members at all times of day, during all days of the week in order to provide free in person coaching and consultation. You also understand it is impossible for your coach to be available to help you at any time of day without any sort request made to your coach to make it known to him/her that their assistance is needed.
  12. You agree that in order to receive any in person coaching, or consultation by your coach, you must write a detailed e-mail request to info@morphfit.com stating the nature of your request in order to provide your coach with sufficient information to help find a proper solution to your problem.
  13. All formal communication with your coach must be done via e-mail only. Text messages and phone calls and social media are not an acceptable means of getting in touch with your coach. Only formal emails to info@morphfit.com will receive responses.
  14. Any in person personal training that you receive from your coach is offered to you completely free of charge, and out of the good will of your coach. You understand that any in person interaction is not a guaranteed service incase your coach cannot be physically present for whatever reason. You understand that you have not paid for in person coaching or training of any kind.
  15. If you wish to cancel your contract with Morphfit, an e-mail request must be sent to info@morphfit.com to guarantee a prompt cancellation of your contract. You understand that your contract will renew itself automatically until cancelled.
  16. Morphfit Training Systems Inc. does not guarantee that you will receive a hard-copy of your program. It is the clients responsibility to print out their own program on their online account at http://morphfittrainingsystems.ptenhance.com
  17. You may only see your coach in person with a scheduled appointment on https://morphfit.sites.zenplanner.com/login.cfm. All appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and are non transferable or moveable within 24 hours of the appointment. All in person visits are free of charge, and not a guaranteed service. No refunds can be issued for in person visits.
  18. You understand that upon agreeing to this contract, your coach will immediately begin working on building your fitness programs for the next 365 days, and in doing do will spend approximately 20 hours of time preparing your file in advance for the rest of the year. These 20 hours of work are completed within 7 calendar days of the signing of this contract, and it is what constitutes the total cost of your 1 year contract.
  19. Any refusal to balance your account will result in immediate legal action on behalf of Morphfit Training Systems Inc. in order to settle the balance of your account. You agree to pay any court fees, legal fees, lawyer costs incurred by Morphfit Training Systems Inc, and or it’s owner Adamo Farinaccio, if you refuse to settle your account and Morphfit Training Systems Inc. or its owner Adamo Farinaccio, has to take you to court to resolve the matter.


All content presented in this website www.morphfit.com, cannot and should not be substituted for medical care and advice from a doctor or physician and no information provided is to interpreted as any form of therapy, diagnosis, or prescription.
All diet plans, nutritional recommendations and instructions from Morphfit Training Systems Inc. should only be adhered to with the direct approval from you physician or health care provider first and foremost. All information contained within out products, media, and direct correspondence are not intended to be a subsitutue for professional physical/mental health advice and approval from a qualified professional should be sought before engaging in any espoused activities. Morphfit Training Systems does not offer any sort of health/fitness advice or guidance and all information pertained in this website should be regarded as merely recreational and for entertainment and is to be used at your own risk. All information held in this website should not be relied upon in any fashiion for and direct result of any kind. We at Morphfit Training Systems Inc. do not claim to be medical professionals or experts of any kind, and nothing that is said or written by it’s affiliates should be interpreted as otherwise.
Danger and risk are inherent in any intense physical activity or training regime promoted by Morphfit Training Systems Inc. and on it’s website ww.morphfit.com. If you are in poor health, physically or mentally or have any pre-existing medical conditions or a history of health problems, you will not participate in the usage of any products by Morphfit Training  Systems Inc. including but not limited to all our training programs, meal plans, nutrition advice and all instruction in general. Any participation in these activities regardless of our disclaimer is done in accordance with your own decision and free will in a voluntary fashion having been explained all the potential risks. Those risks also exist for those without any historical medical conditions and are in good health as well.
Adamo Farinaccio (Adam Farr being his stage name) is not a medical doctor, and all his advice, and therefore the advice of Morphfit Training Systems Inc., cannot be regarded as a subsitute for the advice of a qualified medical and healthcare practitioner. You must consult your doctor before beginning ANY meal plan, macro-nutrient calculating plan, or dietary and lifestyle changes of any kind including the implementation of our fitness programs. You are using Morphfit Training System programs at your own risk and you understand and accept the potential hazards including the possibility of serious injury or even death as a result of using Morphfit Training Systems.
Morphfit Training Systems Inc or its owner Adamo Farinaccio is not responsible for any health problems, physical injuries or possibly even death you may experience as a result of using any products or services or adhering to any advice from Adamo Farinaccio and Morphfit Training Systems and all it’s affiliations on www.morphfit.com.

All products, advice and services offered by Morphfit Training Systems are created with the intention that they be studied and utilized completely in their intended fullness and with optimal effort and diligence. Usually this is not the case and this can result in a lack of progress and results for the client. If you implement the products, services and advice correctly as seen on www.morphfit.com then you increase your likelihood of seeing the results you desire, although this is still not a guarantee and is not the typical experience for most clients.

All testimonials and success stories with photos shown on www.morphfit.com and its affiliated social media pages are neither verified nor are they typical. They are assumed to be real stories given to us by successful clients of Morphfit Training Systems, however there is no way of verifying this as out clients can live anywhere in the world and send in these photos and stories. The stories and testimonials that are displayed are meant to inspire and encourage to use the systems in place to their fullness and incorporate all possible knowledge into their transformation. Results vary for individuals depending on many possible factors, and following any of out programs or advice is no guarantee that you will achieve comparable results to those shown on our website. Results can vary depending on motivation, consistency, effort, recover, resources available, genetics, training experience and attitude and ultimately Morphfit Training Systems cannot be held responsible for your outcome and for these factors. However I do believe that effort and consistency are the most powerful variables in any body transformation.


When you purchase the MTS 12 Week Transformation Program you will be automatically charged 120$ USD very 12 weeks starting from the date of purchase, and you will receive new meal plans, gym workouts and ab workouts updated for you monthly based on your weekly progress reports and photos. You can cancel you subscription at anytime with a written e-mail request sent to info@morphfit.com or by using the contact tab on the homepage to cancel. You may also cancel your subscription yourself via paypal at anytime.
I offer a 30day Money back guarantee for 100% of the purchase cost within the first 30 days of the purchase if you are not happy or satisfied with your purchase from www.morphfit.com for subscription services only. This money back guarantee does not apply to any tangible products, ebooks or individual programs. Only the MTS 12 Week Transformation program offers a 30day money back guarantee.
If you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact us using out contact tab or email us at info@morphit.com for ask of your questions.

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