Holistic Lifestyle Coaching:

The Human Being,

Is not a Machine,

But an Integrated System,

We are Physical Beings

We are Emotional Beings

We are Mental and,

We are Spiritual.

We are Meant To Live


Holistic Lifestyle Coching:


Everything about my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching,


Involves the systems described in the MTS Psychology section.


I use a multitude of approaches to get you thinking well.


From Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.


Through to educating you on the Enneagram,


And Guiding you with the 1234 Approach by Paul Chek


While providing you with a clear map with the MTS Journey Cards


I am helping you set the foundation of a positive growth mindset


To help you achieve your life long goals and Transform Yourself.


My Holistic Lifestyle Coaching System in not a procedure I have set in stone. We are all different and out issues vary greatly. What is important for most of us is to be inspired and to do away with the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that plaque most of our waking moments. It is my belief that with a little effort on your part, I can bring greater awareness to your life by encouraging you to learn more about yourself. The greatest tool for the job is the Enneagram and I know it has opening my eyes to many of my own spiritual issues, and I believe it can do the same for you. Once a picture starts to form about the things that are really at the root of your problems I can begin to apply other methods of helping you like NLP and Hypnotherapy to create immediate change n ht subconscious level. I have created a step wise path for you to follow with my MTS Journey Cards and along with the 1234 approach this is the path you will follow to make permanent change in your life in the way you think and the way you act.I also intend to inspire you through my YouTube Channel and other social media pages, so stay tuned for any updates in those areas, and keep in touch with me as we grow and evolve into awareness together.

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