Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes:

That personal touch,

Knowing your teacher,

Being a part of a big team.

Nobody is singled out,

You can blend in the class,

Find friends to connect to,

And Move Together as a Unit,

Accomplishing Your Goals.


Group Fitness Classes:



 I have developed a unique training program,


Designed to be used in large groups,


With loud pumping music, and simple intuitive exercises.


You will develop a new passion for movement.


Watch the inches fly over your body.


The pounds will melt off your skin, as you train


You will learn to push yourself, and enjoy it


Having fun every single workout, with a team.


You will reach the summit together, you will Transform!


I cannot ignore the fact that there is a large percentage of people who want to get in shape, however they are only joining fitness regimes built around large group classes. There is nothing wring with this structure per se, but the quality of programs out there that use this model are very poor indeed and do not produce results. When you are a member of one of my large group classes not only are the classes themselves designed better to produce results, but you automatically become an online member of Morphfit and have access to all of the mentorship and video tutorials we offer our athletes. Nutrition is included, online guidance is included, you have access to our private Facebook Group with members only where we discuss, inspire and motivate. You have  o shortage of tools available and you get to see your coach in person and train with me. If you can find a better experience out there, I encourage you to let me know. For more information e-mail

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