Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy:

Forget the old ways,

Painful Stretching Techniques,

Mobility Work,

Foam Rolling and Smashing.

There’s a better way with FST,

Immediate & permanent

Mobility & Flexibility,

In a single session.


Fascial Stretch Therapy:


Early on in my career I saw the tremendous barrier,


For people with a lack of mobility and flexibility.


I wanted to solve that problem quickly


traditional means couldn’t deliver immediate results.


Once i started using FST on my clients everything changed,


My clients started to squat and deadlift with better form


Pressing withing shoulder pain, and back pain was gone


I had found the solution the most of these problems


In a single session of FST I can change the way you move.



Fascial Stretch Therapy consists on a manual therapy, done on a massage table while you are lying on your back. It is a series of complex assisted stretches done by the therapist (me) and involve key elements that can only be achieved through use of a therapist. Those elements are simultaneous use of circumduction: which is the rotation of the joint to encourage the flow on synovial fluid into the capsule. Traction: which involves pulling the joint out of the socket slightly. And finally non linear stretch releasing which involves moving out of the stretch at a different angle and intensity from the way you moved into it, almost a wave like motion. All these techniques combined with the knowledge and experience of a skilled practitioner have allowed me to resolved several chronic back pain issues, pain in the hip flexors and chronic injuries to shoulders, knees and other joints.

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