Digestive/Gut Health

Digestive/Gut Health:

     The Health Of Your Gut,

Will Make or Break…

Your Progress In the Gym

And Your Effort In The Kitchen.

What You Eat, Must Be Absorbed,

So That You Can Turn Food,

Into Fuel,

Transforming Your Body,

And Your Life!


Digestive/Gut Health:



Beginning with a series of questionnaires & assessments, 


I am able to quickly isolate and target the key issues,


That are keeping your digestive and gut health,


From functioning optimally and efficiently.


From that information and data I collect,


I adjust and customize everything about your program,


From improving your sleeping patterns, to providing you


Customized therapeutic meal plans, and supplement regimes,


To get you well on your way, to Transforming Yourself.


After over 10 years in the fitness game, I have heard over and over again tales of countless failed attempts by well meaning people to get the results they deserve. I would hear statements like “But I am eating incredibly healthy, clean food and managing my portions, yet I still seem to be stuck and unable to progress any further towards my goal” All things being equal, that is to say that the said person is exercising adequately, and portions are in fact controlled, how do we explain the countless people who seem to move at a snails pace in regards to their transformation.

The answer is as simple as Gut Health.

Most people don’t realize this, but as is it with Hormonal Balance so it is with Gut health, that is to say that the same reasons we have so many problems with our hormones (Pollution, Stress, Diet, Inactivity), these are the same reasons many people aren’t performing optimally when it comes to digestion and assimilation of foods.

Why is this important you ask? Simply because if your digestive system isn’t taking all that healthy and nutritious food your eating, and turning it into useful energy and lean tissue, then essentially regardless of how much food you stuff your face with daily, you are in fact starving on the physiological level, and a starving body doesn’t burn fat and build muscle, rather it builds fat and burns muscle.

In the quest to increase your metabolism naturally and turn your body into a fat burning furnace, assessing and addressing Gut Health Disorders is a number one priority for your coach on the nutritional side of things, and a healthy gut sets the foundation for long-lasting results.

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