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The science of achieving optimal alignment of all bio-mechanical structures in your body through the tightening and stretching of muscles and tendons to achieving optimal performance and minimize injury for long term success.

Hormonal Balance:

The use of various natural therapies, from managing food quality and consumption, reducing exposure to toxic chemicals, and using naturopathic remedies and supplements to obtain optimal hormal signalling and secretion in the human body to maximize health, vitality and performance.

Digestive/Gut Health:

The practice of assessing the entire body for signs and symptoms of digestive distress and gut disorders which can delay and halt progress, and using a therapeutic approach to heal these issues.

The PC/CP Approach is merely an acronym for the names of my two greatest influences in the fields of health and fitness and personal performance. They are Paul Chek and Charles Poliquin.

Paul Chek, a trained sports massage therapist, neuromuscular therapist and a former boxing coach to the US Army boxing team, developed a system of integrated health and well being, based on the best practice of a number of different health and exercise specialisms, including remedial exercise, elite performance exercise dynamics, and stress and lifestyle management. Paul Chek named his remedial system using his surname as an acronym: Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology, and Morphfit is able to offer the expertise of a CHEK trained practitioner in Montreal, together with another qualified CHEK practitioner in Toronto, for the benefit of Morphfit clients.

CHEK practitioners are highly trained specialists who use the CHEK Institute’s system of assessing physiological loading to determine the amount of physical as well as mental and emotional stress a client is under. The assessment also checks for postural problems, possible hormone imbalances and an analysis of pain within the body, as often pain can be caused by poor diet and lifestyle. By mapping the whole body, your CHEK practitioner in Montreal or your CHEK practitioner in Toronto will be able to develop an appropriate treatment strategy.

The CHEK system is educationally based, with many qualifications taking several years to complete due to the high level of training needed to become a CHEK practitioner. There are specialisms within the CHEK system itself, allowing a practitioner to train in one or several fields, according to their professional interests. Your CHEK practitioners in Montreal and Toronto will apply the CHEK-taught rehabilitation, conditioning and lifestyle processes in their respective Morphfit facilities.

Much emphasis is placed on viewing the human body as a system of systems, and developing a successful strategy which can be individualised according to the needs of the client. Your qualified CHEK practitioner in Toronto, together with your CHEK practitioner in Montreal will use the CHEK approach to improve balance, coordination, core and joint stability, strength, posture, gait, and the functional use of joints and their range of motion. Recovering from injury and rehabilitation work following surgery using the CHEK system will also help to return clients to full bodily fitness, ready to resume training and competition.

CHEK practitioners seek to find the cause of a problem, and treat that, rather than merely look at the effect the problem has on a client, and through applying a holistic approach, are able to successfully treat many conditions, offering a better outcome and improved well being for Morphfit clients.

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