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Most people see online training as the poor mans version of personal training. They would be correct in saying that Online Training is much more affordable than in person training, because it undoubtably is.

However to say that Online Training is inferior  to the classical in person approach, is completely wrong. At least it is when concerning the MTS Online Personal Training system, I cannot speak on behalf of other online coaching systems offered.

Why are we the best?

We provide you with everything in Person Coaching offers, and then some.

So what’s the typical client experience with a personal trainer in a commercial gym. Let’s outline it here in a simple to understand timeline:

You arrive at the gym, sign up for a membership and then, as a member are eligible to hire a trainer to help you with your fitness goals.
You meet your trainer, sessions are sold in packs of 6 lets say, each session lasting 1 hour and costing you anywhere from 60-80$ per hour on top of your membership fees.
Session 1: You fill out a bunch of forms from medical questionnaires to goal setting, and your coach provides you with an assessment that consists of having your bodyfat poorly measured, and a bunch of formalities in the form of a VO2 Max test, grip test, felxibilty test and a whole host of other things that only serve to make the client feel like their trainer is “doing science” on them and somehow all this information is actually pertinent or even necessary to creating a body transformation.
Session 2: It’s a couple of days later, if not more, or maybe simply your next availability. You trainer would have you believe that he spend countless hours analyzing your test results, and hands you a neat little duo tang with a few sheets of paper in it, with your “individualized” and state of the art program…made with science! There very thought that your trainer built your program in about 15-30minutes and without even bothering to use all those important test results, of course seems absurb and unprofessional to you, and would never happen in a commercial gym where your 20 year old college student of a trainer is being paid at least 60$/hour of your hard earned money.

Session 3: Your first training session. You will see your trainer on a weekly basis, to make the entire experience somewhat affordable in the long term. You have one hour with your trainer, what does he/she teach you? what do you learn. Well if we are talking about a typical situation, it may start with a warm up, perhaps on a treadmill or perhaps with actually exercises. Some trainers will simply send you to a series of machines and explain to you how to use them, because you are obviously unable to read understand the instructions printed on the machine right in front of your eyes.

But what about squats? you may ask, isnt that how results are made. No time to teach that your trainer decides, it’s simply to difficult and frustrating and it would be far simpler for you to use this leg extension machine here and apply some lovely shear forces on the ACL injury you have in your left knee.

By the end of the session you learned to sit on your ass and do movements suiting for diaper wearing geriatrics, and get to leave with your 15 exercise machine circuit program with not a single compound exercise.

Session 4: Probably very similar to Session 3.

Session 5: Your trainer starts to hint that you will probably need to spend  another 360-420$ in session in order to keep this “progress” going. By now, if your lucky, you’ve dropped a couple of pounds on the scale in water weight, since you stopped eating that pro-inflammatory junk a few weeks ago.

Session 6: It’s been almost a month, you’ve lost a few pounds on the scale, and overall you look like a slight smaller version of your previous self.

But ultimately its cost you 360$-420$ on top of your membership for that month, and you are still completely dependant on you “knowledgeable” trainer to guide you through this painstakingly slow and expensive process.

At this rate you are spending about 50$ per pound lost on the scale (who knows if it’s even fat you’re losing).

So what the hell is the point of all this! there has to be a better way. And yes, in my example I am definitely describing a situation on the lower end of the spectrum of trainer quality out there, but the truth is, this is the norm and not the exception. Good coaches are hard to come by, and when you do find one, they don’t come cheap.

So what’s your average wroking class person supposed to do?

Solution: MTS Online Coaching System

Here are the facts: A body transformation takes time, months to a year, so if you aren’t able to commit to a full year for financial reasons then you are likely doomed to fail. Secondarily, change must happen daily for it to be permanent, habits don’t form when you repeat them on a weekly basis, habits form when you do it daily, day in and day or, until it become your new lifestyle, which is the ultimate goal here.

WIth the MTS Online coaching program the biggest obstacles to your success are handled for you.

Firstly: It’s afforable, at 30$ a month with a 1 year sign up committment, you are looking at the cheapest phone bill you’ve ever had. Can you afford another phone right now? And think, with all that money saved, how much you can now spend on “Clean Foods” hahah (see The Clean Food Myth article)
Online coaching, is technically online. But that doesn’t mean your coach isn’t there with you guiding you alomg the way day in and day out. WIth technology today, what stops you from taking videos of your squat and deadlift technique for you coach to go over and give you relevant points. Whats stops you from streaming your workout like on skype or facetime for your coach to give you second by second advice during your training.
Education: How do I do this, how do I prepare that. Well here’s a massive video library at your fingertips in the online memebers section for you to reference whenever you need to, on your smartphone.
How does my coach know what I’m doing, if I’m getting stronger and losing weight? With our state of the art membership section and unlimited email support, you can email progress phots and well as update your profile and strength gains regualray for your coach to track and moderate as things develop. And as you change, your program and coaching will change as well to keep you from hitting a pleateau.

You see, online coaching shouldn’t be your last option, it should be your first choice. And although there are hurdles to overcome, when you can afford to work with a knowledgeable trainer for an entire year, day in and day out, that alone allmost gurantees your ultimates success in the game of fitness.

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